Flowell, the first active road marking


Flowell is a luminous road marking solution that lights up when triggered by sensors, thus enhancing visibility for users, improving how we share public space and facilitating mobility. It helps ensure better compliance with traffic regulations and more peaceful behavior, even in busy intersections.   

The system provides even greater safety because it is user-triggered, meaning that it only comes on when a user approaches. The active luminous road marking system always lights up on at the right signal, at the right time and for the right user. 

The main goal is to change user behavior, encourage everyone to comply with traffic regulations and improve how we share public spaces.       

The stakes at hand are different from one community to another. For example, Flowell can:

       secure soft mobility: by improving the visibility of a crosswalk, or of an intersection when cyclists cross.

       make public space easier to read, by highlighting and clearly defining the areas dedicated to each user, including the disabled, in busy intersections.

       adapt infrastructure according to traffic levels and needs by modulating public space, for example by giving priority to certain vehicles during specific time periods or by allocating space for a dedicated use (temporary outdoor dining space for restaurants, etc.)

How does it work?

The Flowell solution is made up of panels comprising LEDs encapsulated in a multilayer substrate which are connected to the electrical network. Very thin, at just 7 mm, the panels are also connected to control terminals. They can be glued on or embedded into pavement, which preserves the surface’s initial grip and skid resistance. 

Flowell is very versatile and can respond to a variety of needs on road, rail and airport infrastructure, particularly guiding vehicles.

Flowell is currently being trialed on sections to test both the technology and its applications: crosswalks and cycle crossings, sharing public space, etc. Initial feedback on behavior has shown that Flowell is very beneficial, and new trial sites are being launched around the world.

For further information, download the Booklet