Initiatives in the field

Valorcol, friendly to the environment and to the pocket book

For the reconstruction of the National Highways Maintenance Center at Bursins off the Lausanne-Geneva A1 motorway, the client was particularly exacting about the performance of this heavy-duty structure and wished it to set an exemple.

The local Colas Suisse road works subsidiary, Sarer, suggested a robust yet low-cost technical alternative, with the use of Valorcol 22 and AC 11 LT.

  • 100% recycled Valorcol asphalt mix.
  • Cold application of Valorcol amounting to energy savings of  50% and a reduction off  40% in greenhouse gases.
  • The structure performed remarkably well, standing up to the wear of construction site traffic to the extent that the final surface course was no longer strictly necessary. Nevertheless, a course of warm AC 11 LT asphalt mix containing 15% recycled materials was applied to ensure that the road reached the specified elevations.

The great success of this contract was recognized when Colas Suisse was awarded a certificate of excellence for Valorcol in the “Eco-awareness” category in Lausanne as well as a Cantonal first prize for sustainable development in Geneva in 2008.

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