Initiatives in the field

Greenflex : a bit of campaign comes in town

In the wake of its nomination at the Innovation Award Competition during the 2006 French Mayors and Local Authorities convention, Greenflex® won the Technical Trophy for Regional Planning in the Environment category at the ATTF (French Planning Technicians Association) convention in September 2008.   

Greenflex® is an efficient, original solution to a thorny problem that faces city officials and planners alike: creating a zone that allows for light occasional traffic and parking, while providing as natural an environment as possible.  The challenge was to design a sufficiently sturdy road structure with a grassy, plant- like surface.  Greenflex® consists in laying a porous asphalt mix and then filling the pores with soil-based slurry in which grass seeds are planted.  As a long rich coat of green begins to cover the mix, the ‘lawn' can even be mowed!  The process is perfect for use on parking lots, heliports, tramway lines, pedestrian crossings, even golf courses pathways.

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