Initiatives in the field

Alternative transport


  • Diversification of supply sources for a Group asphalt plant.
  • Replacement of traditional road transport by alternative modes – water and rail.
  • Synergies with sister subsidiaries:
    • Materials from the CCM quarry,
    • Rail freight transportation by Colas-Rail,
    • Supply to an asphalt plant jointly owned by Screg Nord-Picardie and Colas Nord-Picardie.


  • Optimization of water and rail transport as a complement to road transport in order to guarantee the continuity of deliveries.
  • Support to the Port of Lille (France’s 3rd-largest river port), but at the cost a minimum tonnage guaranteed by waterway (penalties applied below 50,000 metric tons).

Benefits for the community: reduced air emissions, reduced fuel consumption, reduced traffic and road transport-related hazards on a congested road network.

Key figures:

  • May 21, 2008: first freight train dispatched from the CCM quarry.
  • 1 train per week transporting 1,300 metric tons.
  • In 2008, 100,000 metric tons of materials transported by rail or water.
  • Each freight train replaces 50 truck, and each barge 40.
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