Press release

Colas Safety Week: September 28 to October 2, 2020

For the 8th consecutive year, Colas is holding its Safety Week, a week long event dedicated to safety across its 800 business units and 3,000 production and material recycling units on all five continents.

The 2020 edition will mark the launch of the Group Rules, designed to help build a shared safety culture and bolster Colas' prevention policy.

Safety Week 2020 will cover the 5 Rules of Life, intended to reduce risk situations. These rules require that Colas employees remain constantly vigilant about their own safety and that of their colleagues; interrupt and cease all activity in the event of imminent risk; never modify, deactivate or bypass a security system; never use a mobile phone on a construction site outside the safe designated zone; never work or drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

These cross-disciplinary behavioral rules are a prerequisite to the Ten Life-Saving Rules, which concern the compulsory use of PPE, preventing vehicle-pedestrian collisions, working under traffic or at heights, safe driving, safe excavation work, safe lifting operations, and more.

Rules shared and applied across the Group

Designed to be shared and applied across all Colas business units around the world, the Group Safety Rules aim to prevent the major risks that are encountered in the Group's business segments. The goal is to remind employees that they must make these rules their own, intervene if the rules are not being followed, and ensure that the rules serve as a reference framework for audits, management site safety visits and safety discussions.

To disseminate the rules, communication tools for Safety Week 2020 will include a poster and video campaign, a film presenting the Group's overall approach, guidebooks for Managers and for Workers, pocket cards for workers, and dedicated Safety Meeting documents.

Continuous improvement, an essential issue

In order to ensure the sustainability of the process, employees are strongly encouraged to actively report information to identify situations where it is difficult to apply the rules. In some cases, the feedback could be used to readjust the rules in light of the issues encountered in the field.

Safety remains an essential issue at Colas. People have always been at the core of the Group’s concerns, and the employees’ physical integrity and health have always been a priority. Every year, significant headway is made in safety, but there is still great potential for improvement.

"Colas must take a new step forward with the development of a genuine Safety culture throughout the Group. The teams have defined a set of common rules applicable to all Colas units, regardless of their location, based on feedback from around the world. The safety of Group employees is an ongoing battle, the effectiveness of which depends on the exemplary behavior of managers and on the involvement of each employee.” Frédéric Gardès, CEO of Colas.

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