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The Colas Foundation has selected its prize-winning artists for 2009

Each year, the Colas Foundation selects about fifteen artists of all nationalities. The prize-winners are commissioned to produce a painting on the theme of roads. The paintings are initially presented at a reception in the Boulogne headquarters, and are then exhibited in the offices and reception areas of the Group’s head office and subsidiaries both in France and abroad. The Colas Foundation collection currently comprises more than 200 canvases reflecting the current trends in artistic creation. Over the last two years, the Foundation has had an active policy of lending its works to institutions and organizations mounting suitable exhibitions or similar projects.

Chaired by Alain Dupont, the Colas Group’s Chairman & CEO from 1987 to 2007, the Foundation’s jury comprises Group employees together with personalities from the worlds of art, higher education and business. The jury is regularly renewed. This year the Foundation has had the pleasure of welcoming, as new members of its selection committee, Béatrice Bernaud-Pau, Dexia Group’s director of corporate sponsorship, and Elisabeth Couturier, art critic and writer, who joined:
  • Caroline Bissière, director of the Centre d’art contemporain de Meymac,
  • Bruno Delarue, publisher,
  • Sylvie Fajfrowska, painter and Colas Foundation prizewinner in 2003,
  • Adrien Goetz, lecturer at the Sorbonne,
  • Danièle Guyot, previously the press officer at the Direction des Affaires culturelles de la Ville de Paris,
  • Ann Hindry, director of Renault’s collection of modern art,
  • Serge Legat, art historian,
  • Jean-Michel Leniaud, a professor at the Ecole des Chartes.

Based on the scores awarded by all members of the jury, at its meeting of January 14 under the chairmanship of Alain Dupont the Foundation’s selection committee debated and made its choice of prize-winning artists for 2009. 16 artists were selected from more than 300 candidates: 
  • Amélie Bertrand, France                                           
  • Damien Cabanes, France
  • Emmanuelle Castellan, France                                  
  • Philippe Cognée, France
  • Henri Cueco, France                                                  
  • Laurence Favory, France
  • Franta, France                                                           
  • Ana Gonzales Sola, Spain
  • Alexia Krauthaüser, Germany                                    
  • Thibaud Laget-Ro, France
  • Olivier Masmonteil, France                                        
  • Didier Mencoboni, France
  • Sylvie Nicolas, France                                               
  • Mette Rishoj, Denmark
  • Domenico Sorrenti, Italy                                            
  • Rada Tzankova, Bulgaria

The works produced by the selected artist will be presented at the Colas head office in October 2009.


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