The Cher Département rolls out ANAIS

The Cher Département in central France has signed a 2-year contract with Colas, via Mobility by Colas, covering the roll out of ANAIS, a digital decision-making tool that uses data collected by vehicles. The objective of ANAIS is to help improve user safety with preventive handling of potentially hazardous zones across the local road network.

The Cher Département has almost 4,600 kilometers of roads under the responsibility of the Conseil Départemental, which aims to meet the traffic and safety needs of local residents. By collecting and analyzing behavior data for many vehicles (e.g., speeding, lateral shifts, emergency braking), ANAIS allow the Département to identify:

Hazardous zones through better knowledge of the road network
Ways to optimize preventive investments
Ways to reinforce user safety at a lower cost.
The solution also brings in added value in terms of road diagnostics: once road work has been completed, data is collected and analyzed to calculate a Calm Driving Index, which measures the impact of the work that has been completed on user safety. This index helps ANAIS provide real-time visibility on just how much these projects actually serve users and it allows the Department to implement a continuous improvement process for its road network.

ANAIS is based on a partnership signed in 2018 by Colas with Michelin Driving Data to Intelligence (DDI) to acquire real-life, real-time driving data. The data comes from a community of volunteer drivers ("Better Driving Community"), and is aggregated, contextualized, analyzed and processed by teams at Mobility by Colas.

ANAIS received the Road Safety Innovation Award in 2019.