Mobility by Colas

At a time when digital technology has made smart mobility possible, Colas is launching ‘‘Mobility by Colas’’, a tailor-made service offering that combines the conventional know-how of roadbuilders with the world of new digital technologies.

Intelligent, connected mobility

As the partner of communities and users, Mobility by Colas positions itself at the crossroads of all types of mobility, meeting both the expectations of customers, public and private, and the new demands of users.

To facilitate mobility in urban and rural areas, as an activator of digital mobility services, Mobility by Colas develops solutions based on digital technologies and data use, built on three cornerstone issues:

  • mobility as a Service to optimize travel flows and shared parking in the city with Moov'Hub : a single platform to inform, reserve and pay;
  • ensuring preventive management of road assets to improve user safety with the digital solution Anaïs, an innovative service to detect warning zones; 
  • optimizing urban mobility in exceptional situation (large urban projects, etc.) with Qievo, a centralized system for regulating site logistics to limit nuisances and promote their acceptability.

Infographie Mobility by Colas