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Project to implement new organization for the Colas Group's Road business in mainland France

In mainland France, the Colas Group’s Road business (5.1 billion euros in revenue for 2011) is performed by 16 regional subsidiaries, operating under three brand names (7 Colas subsidiaries, 3 Sacer subsidiaries and 6 Screg subsidiaries).

In order to pave the way for the future, the Group is planning to implement a new organization for its Road business in mainland France via 7 regional subsidiaries, which will operate under the single brand name of Colas.  All profit centers of a given region - regardless of the brand name to which they originally belonged - would be grouped together as part of a single regional Colas subsidiary.

The project aims to simplify the organization and improve efficiency within the Group’s Road business in France, while preserving the flexibility inherent to a decentralized business network.   It remains perfectly in line with changes made over the last few years in France, which involved the building of regional head offices for all brands (service sharing), the creation of shared regional quarry operating companies owned by the three brands, one-off transfers of business activities amongst the subsidiaries, etc. 

The new organization would be operational as of the beginning of 2013.  The project has been presented to employee representative bodies for an advisory opinion.

This latest step would be part of Colas’ ongoing strategy to anticipate and adapt to changing markets.         

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