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Global Safety Week in the Colas Group - The Colas Group highlights the importance of safety on the jobsite and behind the wheel

From June 10 to 14, 2013, Colas is launching its first Global Safety Week, during which the Group’s 63,000 employees are all mobilized to highlight the importance of safety on the jobsite and behind the wheel. Global safety week is one of the cornerstones of Colas’ 2013 safety campaign entitled “Safety Attitude” launched last January throughout the Group’s worldwide business network.

"Safety Attitude": the Colas Group's 2013 safety campaign

The Colas Group's safety campaign, launched in January 2013, is designed to give renewed impetus to prevention policy by raising awareness about the importance of having the right "Safety Attitude" amongst all employees, from the CEO to the workers in the field, thus paving the way to a durable safety culture throughout the Group.   

This year-long campaign is focused on reaching each of the 63,000 men and women who work in Colas companies (800 works centers and 1,400 production sites in 50 countries on 5 continents) via a wide variety of communication tools: posters, newsletters, videos, etc.  The Group's prevention tools have also been reviewed and updated, such as a brand-new series of ‘starters and meetings' to replace ‘toolbox safety talks', along with the sharing of best practice, and more. 


Safety has made considerable progress at Colas in the last 15 years

For the last fifteen years, the Colas Group has been fostering a strong-willed prevention policy to promote better safety on the road and on the jobsite.  The Group has focused on:  

  • strong commitments: signature in France of Road Safety Charter in 1997 with French Government and the French National Health Insurance Fund for Employees (CNAMTS), signature of the European Road Safety Charter (renewed every 3 years)


  • a wide-sweeping range of prevention tools: safety training, eco-driving training, first aid (some 40% of training hours each year), safety meetings on jobsites, awareness raising campaigns (posters, comic strips, etc.), accident analysis, sharing of best practice, inter-company competitions, etc.


  • a network of 300 safety and prevention officers in the field, and 500 road safety officers


  • nearly 20,000 employees trained in workplace first aid (1/3 of total workforce)


From 1997 to 2012, the accident frequency rate was divided in half, and the traffic accident frequency rate dropped 65%.

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