Press release

Extension of the Bangkok international airport

Thanomwongse, a company jointly owned by Colas and its Thaï partners in Thailand, has been awarded a contract as part of a joint venture with a local contractor Nawarat Patanakarn for the construction of 3rd Runway, Taxiway D Extension, and Perimeter Taxiway at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airport.

This mega project is a part of the Suvarnabhumi Airport Expansion Plan designed to increase the capacity of airport operations, helping to make Bangkok a hub for transport and commercial aviation in South-East Asia.

Thanomwongse has been awarded 800,000 sqm of ground improvement, 800,000 tonnes of asphalt pavement and the airfield lighting & control system.

The total contract value amounts to 9,700 MTHB (about €280 million), of which 52% (some €145 million) for Thanomwongse, as the leader of the joint venture.

The “notice to proceed” is expected in October 2020, and construction is slated to last 35 months.

Colas Projects, a Colas subsidiary dedicated to managing major projects, provided its expertise, particularly in methods and geotechnics, throughout the bidding phase. Today, it continues to support local teams in preparing for the construction phase.

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