Press release


The year 2007
- Strong rise in activity (+ 8.9%), net profit (+ 19.7%) and
dividend (+ 32.8%)
- Consolidated revenue: € 11.7 billion
- Net consolidated profit (Group share): € 474 million
- Dividend per share: € 8.50

At the Annual and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on April 16, 2008, chaired by Mr. Hervé Le Bouc, the shareholders of Colas SA approved all resolutions put to vote.  
Activity: Consolidated revenue for 2007 rose 8.9%, to 11.7 billion euros, compared to 10.7 billion euros in 2006.  The Group’s share of net profit amounted to 474 million euros (396 million euros in 2006), a 19.7% increase that reflects sharp growth in business activity and good performance levels throughout the 1,400 profit centers worldwide, thanks to buoyant markets and favorable weather.  Net profit for parent company Colas S.A. totaled 278.5 million euros, compared to 232.5 million euros in 2006.  
Dividend: A net dividend of 8.50 euros per share – a 32.8% increase compared to the dividend distributed last year, will be paid out as of April 28, 2008 to shareholders in cash or in shares.  For shareholders who wish to be paid in shares, the issue price of new shares issued in payment of the dividend has been set at 206.29 euros.  Shareholders have from April 28, 2008 to May 19, 2008 included to make their choice known.  After this date, the dividend will be paid out in cash only.   
Outlook: Business has gotten off to a satisfactory start in the first quarter.  Work-on-hand at the end of March 2008 amounted to 7.27 billion euros, a 14% increase compared to the end of March 2007.  Even if, in the first months of 2008, greater economic and financial uncertainties and the vagaries of the climate to which Colas’ businesses are sensitive encourage a certain degree of caution, no indicator in any of the Group’s activities  at this stage suggests a forecast of reduced business.  A first revenue target for 2008 has been set at 12.5 billion euros.  

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