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Combined Annual and Extraordinary Shareholder's Meeting

At the Combined Annual and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on April 16, 2013 and chaired by Mr. Hervé Le Bouc, the Shareholders of Colas approved all resolutions put to vote, excluding the 24th Resolution (Delegation of authority to be given to the Board of Directors to carry out capital increases reserved for employees and company officers pursuant to the provisions of article L. 225-138 of the French Commercial Code and article L. 3332-18 et seq. of the French Labor Code).

Key figures 2012

Consolidated revenue for fiscal 2012 was up 5% at 13 billion euros, compared to 12.4 billion euros for fiscal 2011.  Net profit attributable to the Group totaled 302 million euros (336 million euros in 2011), with free cash flow 1 up 80 million euros at 407 million euros (327 million euros in 2011).

The parent company Colas posted net profit at 253 million euros, compared to 325 million in 2011.   


Dividend remains high: €7.26 per share

A dividend of 7.26 euros per share, identical to the past year, will be paid out in cash as follows: ex-dividend date - April 24, 2013, record date - April 26, 2013, and payment date - April 29, 2013.


1 Free cash flow (determined after cost of net debt and net income tax expense but before changes in working capital), minus net capital expenditure excluding purchases of assets attributable to external growth (29 million euros in 2012, 13 million euros in 2011). 

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