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Colas Rail awarded a contract to build and maintain lines 3 ans 6 of the Santiago, Chile metro

Colas Rail, as part of a consortium with ETF, has been awarded a contract to build Lines 3 and 6 on the Santiago, Chile metro and maintain the network for a period of 20 years.


Work includes the installation of 75 km of electrified track (rigid overhead rail) in a tunnel, as well as 15 km of electrified track (conventional overhead lines). 


The total contract value is 150 million euros, of which Colas Rail has a 45% share.


The project is slated to last roughly 50 months. Line 6 is scheduled to be open to the public in February 2017 and Line 3 in June 2018. 


Colas Rail has been operating on the Caracas metro in Venezuela for 30 years.  The new contract in Chili undoubtedly reinforces the company's foothold in the region, clearly reflecting its ambition in South America.

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