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The Colas Group will be at the Pollutec Exhibit 2008

Lyon Eurexpo - Hall 6 – Booth AY 188

The Colas Group will showcase its environmental skills and know-how at the Pollutec Exhibit 2008 at the Lyon Eurexpo Exhibit Hall from December 2 to 5, 2008. A special highlight will be placed on products designed to respond to the Energy Challenge.

The Group, backed by its Road companies along with its signaling, waterproofing and pollution clean-up specialists, will highlight its most innovative techniques and products in the following fields

  • Reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (3E asphalt mixes, plant-based Vegecol binder, Vegeflux flux, Ecologiciel software, Ostrea and Typhon water-borne paints, etc.
  • Recycling materials (asphalt mix, mastic asphalt, concrete, earth, slag, foundry sand, etc.)
  • Trenchless pipes (Eco-Cana software),
  • Fighting traffic noise (noise-reducing mix, including Nanosoft). 

The Group will also present photovoltaic roofing (Surfa®5 Solar), green roofing (Tecflor®/Ecoflor®), Coletanche® watertight membranes, road paint application machines, and pollution clean-up expertise (Pollution Service). 

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