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The Colas Foundation presents its latest acquisitions

The Colas Foundation is presenting 13 paintings that are new to its collection during an opening event organized on Tuesday September 12 at 6.00 pm in the Group’s corporate headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt. These new works were all painted by artists selected in 2006.

15 years and more than 190 paintings
Founded at the beginning of the 1990s at the initiative of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Colas Group, Mr. Alain Dupont, and honored in 1992 by the French Cultural Patronage Award, the Colas Foundation endeavors to promote the arts, in particular painting and music. Modern painting is the focus of the Foundation’s program and to date, it boasts more than 190 paintings that are a true reflection of the trends in today’s art world.

Among the artists selected in the past, we can cite: Olivier AGID, Stéphane BELZERE, François BOISROND, Clément BORDERIE, Isabelle CHAMPION METADIER, Jean-Paul CHAMBAS, Jean DEWASNE, Sylvie FANCHON, Philippe FANGEAUX, Speedy GRAPHITO, Caroline LEJEUNE, Alix LE MELEDER, Pierre LE TAN, Nadjia MEHADJI, Philippe RICHARD, Philippe SEGOND, Tony SOULIE, Agnès THURNAUER, Paul WINSTANLEY, Duncan WYLIE.  The entire collection was presented to the public for the first time ever in June 2001 at the Palais des Congrès Convention Center in Paris.

Commissioning with a specific theme: original and audacious
The Foundation has made a name for itself in the world of corporate patronage thanks to the original idea of commissioning.  Every year, the foundation selects on a portfolio basis some ten to fifteen contemporary artists from around the world.  These artists are then commissioned to create a painting based on the theme of “the road”.  There is no “guarantee” that the results will be satisfactory; it is a risk the Foundation is willing to take, and proof of its audacious character.
Acquisitions 2006: 13 new works
In 2006, thirteen artists were selected by the Colas Foundation: Jérôme BOUTTERIN, France; Jean-Daniel BOUVARD, France; Herman BRAUN-VEGA, Peru; Anthony FREESTONE, France/Great Britain; Gilgian GELZER, Switzerland; Karine HOFFMAN, France; Irène ILIOPOULOU, Greece; Joël KERMARREC, France; Park KWANG-JIN, Korea; Gilles MARREY, France; Françoise PETROVITCH, France; Raphaël RENAUD, France; Karine ROCHE, France.

The collection: a link between people at Colas
Being a patron of the arts is also part of the Colas Group’s internal communication program.  It is a way to boost cohesion, identity, pride, and a feeling of belonging.
The works in the Foundation travel around the world. They are on show in the offices and reception areas throughout the Group’s subsidiaries in France and abroad.  The sheer variety of paintings reflects the company’s cultural and social diversity: “Every man and woman in the Group must find their way, must find a reflection of themselves in each painting” explains Alain Dupont.  
The foundation is a link between people at Colas, whoever they are and wherever they work.

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