Press release

Colas is building the road infrastructure for the future Mobility Development Center in the Czech Republic

Colas CZ, a Colas company in the Czech Republic, is currently building the road infrastructure for the Future Mobility Development Center in the western Czech city of Sokolov for the BMW group, as part of a joint venture with Colas Projects. The proving grounds will be one of the largest and most modern in Europe.

The project consists of building, securing and equipping a network of roads and different driving environments that incorporate new information technologies. The infrastructure is designed to perform tests, and includes surfaces that simulate highways, multi-lane roads, urban roads, parking lots, tunnels, autonomous driving areas as well as dirt roads and mountain roads. Colas is also in charge of earthworks, drainage, civil engineering, noise protection, lighting, safety and technical green spaces.

The road infrastructure built by Colas will ensure the highest level of safety in compliance with the strictest technical and environmental standards, even with very intensive use.

As the site chosen for the project is a former mine landfill, the work requires special geotechnical solutions.

During the construction phase, Colas CZ and Colas Projects will mobilize the resources and expertise of Colas teams. In total, around 400 people will work on this technically demanding project, with the aim of delivering the infrastructure to the BMW group by 2022.

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