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COLAS in 2006 - Remarkable growth in business activity (+12.3%) and net profit (+29%)

REVENUE: 10.7 Billion euros
NET PROFIT (Group share) : 396 Million euros
PROPOSED DIVIDEND : 6.40 euros per share (+33%)

The Board of Directors of Colas, chaired by Mr. Alain Dupont, met on February 21, 2007 to finalize the financial statements for fiscal 2006.

Revenue: 10.7 billion euros  (+12.3%)
Consolidated revenue rose 12.3% at 10.72 billion euros, compared to 9.54 billion euros for 2005.  The breakdown of business figures shows that mainland France recorded 5.9 billion euros and international business units, including French overseas departments and territories, posted 4.8 billion euros.  Activity in Europe (including France) and North America represented 95.2% of total Group revenue. With identical exchange rates and unchanged scope of business, the increase in revenue amounted to 10.2%.   
The Group, which operated in buoyant markets and enjoyed favorable weather, recorded a sharp increase in revenue figures in every region in which it operates: North America +16%, mainland France +14%, French overseas departments +23%, Indian Ocean +13%, North Africa +6%, Asia +17%. Europe (+2%) posted strong business but this was masked by the completion of a number of very large contracts in 2005.  
Net Profit (Group share) up 29% at 396 million euros 
Almost every Group subsidiary performed as well as if not better than the previous year.  The Group share of net profit increased 29% at 396 million euros, compared to 307 million euros in 2005.  Consolidated net profit increased to 402 million euros, compared to 312 million euros in 2005.   
Net profit at Colas S.A.
Net profit for parent company Colas S.A. amounted to 232.5 million euros, against 209.1 million euros in 2005 (+11%).
Dividend 2006
The Board of Directors has decided to put forward a proposal to the General Meeting of Shareholders on April 17, 2007 to pay out a net dividend of 6.40 euros per share, a 33% increase compared to the dividend paid out for fiscal 2005 (4.80 euros).  
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors will ask that the General Meeting of Shareholders of April 17, 2007 approve the appointment of two new members of the Board: Thierry Genestar, Managing Director Colas France (Colas road subsidiaries, Somaro and Seco-Rail) and Hervé Le Bouc, Chairman of the Board of the Novasaur Group.
To ensure the smooth running of the Group, Alain Dupont, whose seat as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Colas has been  renewed, has announced his decision to step down in October 2007, after 20 years at the head of the Colas Group.  Hervé Le Bouc shall be called upon to be his successor. 

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