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Acquisition of 50% of Gamma Materials Ltd in Mauritius

Colas has acquired from Gamma-Civic Ltd 50% of the share capital of Gamma Materials Ltd, specializing in the production and sales of construction materials in Mauritius.


Backed by one stone quarry and five crushing sites, two ready-mix plants and two precast concrete block manufacturing units, Gamma Materials Ltd boasts annual production figures totaling nearly 2 million tons of aggregates, 150,000 m3 of ready-mix concrete and 12 million precast concrete blocks.  In addition, the company has reserves of over 40 million tons of materials.  

Perfectly in line with Colas' strategy to expand in the construction materials sector, the acquisition strengthens and further perpetuates Colas' business in Mauritius, where the company has been operating since 1987.

The strategic alliance between Colas and Gamma-Civic Ltd in the materials sector should enhance production processes, facilitate the introduction of new techniques and products, and foster new export opportunities.

This alliance between Colas and Gamma-Civic Ltd exclusively relates to the materials business and excludes any cooperation in construction and civil engineering.

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