Materials engineer

"We must be able to adapt continuously"

Your job

You are responsible for operating an extraction site.  You optimize production on your site (monitoring stock and defining quantities to be produced) while ensuring compliance with safety, environmental and quality regulations. You manage teams at the quarry or gravel pit and manage the site’s finances.   For your internal customers (Colas Group) and external customers (companies which come to buy materials), you propose competitive prices and technical solutions that correspond to their needs.

Your profile

With a degree in Engineering, you have a first internship experience in mechanics or at a quarry/gravel pit site.

Your integration

You learn your job in contact with an experienced Materials Engineer or Industries Manager. 

During the first year, you will be given specific training on  technical and managerial fundamentals. You will participate in welcoming programs at  subsidiary and Group levels and you attend your first Colas University within 18 months.

Your career development

After a successful experience, you can move on to a position of Quarry or Industry Manager.

Skills required