Laboratory technician

"A materials specialist in the field"

Your job

You provide technical assistance to teams on construction projects and industrial sites (plants) by performing the requisite tests and controls in compliance with road industry standards (hot, warm, cold mix, binders, aggregates, emulsions, soil, etc.). Cores, bearing capacity, deflection, sampling of asphalt mix and RAP, grading curve analysis, and more are just some of the tasks you will be doing on a daily basis.

Your profile

Higher education degree  (2-3 years) in Physics / Chemistry, Physical Measurements, Materials, etc. is required as well as a successful experience or internships in Public Works, if possible in a laboratory.

Your career development

A Laboratory technician learns most of his/her job in the field, practicing and in contact with teams. You are mentored by a qualified technician who will assist you in your first steps in the laboratory and you will go out in the field in order to see practical cases. You learn skills and quickly become autonomous in your work.


After several years of practice and mastery of measurement techniques and analysis, you may manage a laboratory.