"It's on jobsites that I've learned the most"

Your job

You are the right hand man for the Site Manager. You ensure that the work is performed properly on a daily basis in compliance with safety regulations and budget constraints.  You are backed by a team leader, and you manage one or more construction teams.

Your profile

You have a 2-year higher education degree in Public Works in addition to a professional trade degree, and have already done internships in the construction sector.

The position of foreman is also accesible to team leaders with several years of experience.

Your integration

You work at first with an experienced foreman, which allows you to gain technical and managerial autonomy and credibility with your teams. 

During the first year, you can benefit from training on basic techniques.

Your career development

You manage larger construction projects with a growing number of teams. After several years of professional experience, you can move on to become site manager. You can also choose to specialize in one area (asphalt mix application, for example).

Skills required