Road products

Products developed by R&D teams aim mainly at anticipating and responding to responsible development guidelines in the following fields: safety, silence, environmental friendliness, notably by improving the energy profile of its products. These products are used in France and rolled out by the international units as well.


NOVACOL is an industrial process involving the cold in place recycling and treatment of roadways using bitumen emulsion or Stabicol, a mixed binder.


Novacol is used for cracked or de-bonded roadways.

NOVACOL has a number of environmental and economic advantages :

  • repairing and eliminating cracks,
  • re-bonding layers,
  • reducing nuisances to users,
  • savings in transport, energy and materials,
  • quick,
  • environmentally-friendly,
  • eliminating the need for leveling with existing equipment.

Employment field:

The process consists in :

  • planing the pavement in place up to depths of a maximum of 15 cm,
  • adding regenerative,
  • mixing in place with planed materials – the mix is then applied as a base or binder course,
  • applying a suitable wearing course: micro asphalt, surface dressing, hot or cold mix.


Special, powerful dedicated equipment is used, allowing for yields of 5,000 to 10,000 m² per day.

Novacol’s added performance feature lies in the fact that the process also applies a tack coat, which ensure a good bond between the new course and the underlying base support.

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