Developing countries

The concept of outsourcing to low-cost countries is not applicable to the business activities pursued by Colas: in construction and public works, materials used must be locally sourced, due to the fact that they are too heavy and expensive to transport or as a result of usage constraints (asphalt mixes and ready-mix concrete must be used within a few hours). With regard to the Group's core business in road construction and maintenance, all activities must be carried out on site, using local materials and a local workforce.

Developing countries

Owing to its presence in a number of developing countries in the Global South (Morocco, Madagascar, South Africa, Benin, Djibouti, Togo and Gabon, to name just a few), Colas makes a commensurate contribution to economic growth in these countries, but also to their wider economic, social and cultural development, and to the protection of their environment. This commitment to local communities is particularly relevant in disadvantaged countries where Colas has employed hundreds of staff for decades.

Initiatives pursued by Colas in the countries of the Global South fall into several categories:

  • social actions based on progressive policies with respect to compensation, training, career advancement, social benefits, etc.
  • health-related actions, including the offer of medical visits, free health clinics, as well as prevention and control programs targeting HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases for employees, their family members and other people living near work sites or company offices.
  • environmental actions, including biodiversity conservation, measures taken to combat deforestation, and waste management.
  • solidarity actions, including the mobilization of resources in response to disasters, handing facilities over to local authorities upon completion of projects, the sponsorship of local initiatives to increase access to health care or education, or facilitate social integration.
  • vigilance in protecting human rights based on an approach grounded in the respect for and ethical treatment of local staff as well as sub-contractors or suppliers.

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