Repaving and upgrading the access road to the Mont Ventoux, France

The Colas Group operates in every aspect of construction and maintenance for roads and for other types of transport infrastructure as well as on projects involving urban development and recreational facilities. The Group boasts two operational segments: Roads, its core business (including civil engineering and building activities), and Specialized activities that are complementary to its Roads sector (Railways, Waterproofing, Road Safety and signaling, and Pipelines).

01 Leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure

Leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure

Backed by a workforce of 55,000 people, nearly half of whom work outside of mainland France, Colas undertakes about 90,000 projects every year via a network of 800 construction units and 2,000 material production sites in some fifty countries worldwide on five continents.

In 2016, Colas' consolidated revenue totaled 11 billion euros, with international markets accounting for 48% of this figure. The Group's share of net profit was 355 million euros.

Roads, our core business

Roads account for roughly 80% of the Group's total business activity, including:

  • the construction and maintenance of roads, highways, runways, ports, industrial platforms, logistics hubs, reserved-lane public transport (tramways and bus lanes), recreational facilities, bike paths, motor racing circuits and environmental projects. Colas also provides civil engineering services (small and large structures) and operates in the building sector (construction, rehabilitation, demolition/deconstruction) in certain regions;
  • upstream activities involving the production and recycling of construction materials (aggregates, emulsions and binders, asphalt mixes, ready-mix concrete, bitumen) through its extensive international network of quarries, emulsion plants, asphalt plants, concrete plants and a bitumen production plant.

Specialized activities

Colas also operates specialized activities complementary to its Road business including:

enabling the Group to offer a full range of products and services to all its customers.

Colas is also a stakeholder – generally for a minority share – in infrastructure concession and management companies.

02 Key strengths

Key strengths

The Group’s strengths reside in the following driving forces:

  • strong footholds in long-term, high potential markets, in light of the substantial needs for transport infrastructure construction worldwide combined with recurrent needs for maintenance on existing networks;
  • vertical integration of the upstream production process and a drive to secure the procurement of materials and supplies that are essential to Colas’ activities (aggregates, emulsions, asphalt mix, ready-mix concrete, etc.), thus contributing to the good performance of the Group’s operational units;
  • a network of 800 construction units and 2,000 material production units, some of which have been in operation for over a hundred years, on 5 continents in 50 countries;
  • a decentralized organization that has strong roots in local communities, and is able to respond to market needs flexibly, quickly and effectively;
  • human capital that creates collective intelligence, with values and a passion forged over Colas’ long history and shared by 55,000 employees;
  • a technical innovation policy fostered by a vast, dedicated international network comprising the Campus for Science and Techniques, the world’s premier private R&D center in the road industry, along with some 50 laboratories and 100 technical engineering and design offices;
  • recognized technical, legal and financial expertise in managing complex contracts (concessions, PPPs, PFIs, MAC/ ASC, etc.), enabling Colas to provide a comprehensive offering, spanning the full range of design, finance, construction, engineering and maintenance of large scale transport infrastructure projects;
  • development capacities via both external and internal growth;
  • solid financial structure.

03 Strategy


Colas' strategy for profitable, long-term growth remains unchanged, aiming at meeting the modern world's need for mobility, urbanization and environmental protection. The cornerstones of this strategy have been built upon a drive to support responsible development, via social, societal and environmental protection issues, based on the following objectives:

  • strengthen and expand the network of operations in France and worldwide, to establish and develop sustainable leadership positions for traditional business activities in local markets, and spread risk through geographic diversification;
  • optimize the integration of industrial processes to secure the procurement in particular of aggregates, generate more added value, improve competitiveness and control the quality of materials and products;
  • continue to develop in closely related (type of business, clients) and complementary Specialized activities that will enhance our offering to customers, develop synergies and enable us to penetrate future growth markets, such as the railway sector;
  • foster complex project offerings that leverage the full range of Colas expertise (techniques, from analysis to bidding, design, construction, maintenance, financing) as part of PPPs, concession contracts and network management;
  • conducting major projects that are complementary to the Group's traditional activities, and thus enhance services provided to customers;
  • innovation, with in particular the design of products and innovative techniques capable of meeting the world's sustainable development requirements.

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