Transporting you (G.Capuçon and A. Bansch)

The first performance for Colas on Stage in September 2008, Transporting you is a choreography to the music of Jean-Sebastian Bach's 2nd suite with Gautier Capuçon, internationally renowned French cellist, and Alexandra Bansch, choreographer and former soloist at the Ballet Béjart.

Transporting you illustrates the theme of Talents

"An initial passion, working themselves to the limit, the relentless surpassing of personal goals to edge just within reach of perfection, then finally, this perfection becomes theirs, but never forever.  A demanding alchemy, which when combined with humility inherent to doubt, is the sole way to give concrete expression to artistic talent. 

These values, so close to ours, are what I want to perpetuate throughout Colas."  (Hervé Le Bouc, Colas Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer between 2008 and 2019)

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