Since it was created in September 2008 by Hervé Le Bouc, Colas Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer between 2008 and 2019, Colas on Stage has focused its corporate patronage efforts on music and dance.

As is the case with the Colas Foundation, dedicated to painting, Colas on Stage endeavors to build bridges between the world of Art and the world of Roads. 

"I am completely convinced that corporate support of artistic creation takes on its full meaning, both internally and externally, when there is a direct link with the universe of the patron company - by this I mean themes, messages, human values. 

(....) I believe that art is a source of inspiration, creativity, sensitivity within the company." (Hervé Le Bouc)

Colas on Stage serves as a vector to convey the Group's management messages to people around the world, above and beyond all linguistic and cultural barriers.

Each year, a new theme is selected:

  • in 2008, talents, with Gautier Capuçon and Alexandra Bansch
  • in 2009, transversality, with Alexandra Bansch and Denis Kuhnert
  • from 2010 to 2015, diversity with Akram Khan and the Akram Khan Company

As part of its Young Talent Patronage Program, Colas supported:

  • in 2015, Jonathan Fournel, pianist, and Mohamed Hiber, violinist
  • in 2016, Mohamed Hiber for the 2nd year, and Aurélien Pascal, cellist
  • in 2017, Laura Szabo, cellist, and Mohamed Hiber for the 3rd year

In 2018, Colas accompanied Laura Szabo for the second consecutive year and Marie-Laure Garnier, soprano.