Crossroad(s) (A.Bansch et D. Kuhnert)

September 2009: creation of the choreography entitled Crossroad(s) with Alexandra Bansch, choreographer and former soloist with the Bejart Ballet, and Denis Kuhnert, a renowned hip-hop dancer.

Crossroad(s) combines contemporary dance and hip-hop to symbolize tradition and the street, illustrating transversality, cross disciplinary art and the need to build bridges between people. 

"Crossroad(s) highlights the confrontation of two worlds and two body languages, the story of hesitations when faced with unexpected encounters.  It is up to us to build bridges, despite people's resistance.  It is up to us to know how to pave new ways to create a common path and to share the art of entrepreneurship" (Hervé Le Bouc, Colas Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer between 2008 and 2019)