The Route of Dreams

01 Created by Jean-Michel Ribes

The Colas Foundation celebrates its 25th anniversary

For its 25th anniversary, the Colas Foundation gave full creative liberty to Jean-Michel Ribes, director of the Rond-Point theater in Paris, to create a piece celebrating painting, called The Route of Dreams. When dance, magic, song, comedy and video come together to pay homage to the paintings of the Foundation.

For more than an hour, the audience enjoyed contemporary dance, theater skits, a bicycle balancing act or a burlesque diva show, against a soundtrack in which Mozart rubs shoulders with hip-hop. With a single subject: painting, and more specifically the paintings of the Colas Foundation projected on video. For three days, at the beginning of February, the Rond-Point theater hosted a unique show, as unique as the Colas Foundation, which, for twenty-five years, has commissioned artists selected by a jury made up of Group employees and personalities from the world of art to paint a work on the theme of the Road. The collection, called "Roads of the Imagination", today boasts some 350 paintings.

"For the 25th anniversary of the Foundation, I wanted our corporate patronage program dedicated to painting to become part of a creative work celebrating the plurality of Colas' commitment, which is also open to dance and music through Colas on Stage,” explains Hervé Le Bouc. “I commissioned Jean-Michel Ribes, one of the masters of shared culture, to create a living art show, like a collection in motion and a multidisciplinary artistic patronage, focused on creation and supporting talent. I gave him full creative liberty." For this show, the director wanted to combine dance, magic, song, comedy, circus and video, each art serving as a support for the paintings of the Foundation. The choreographer Angelin Preljocaj and the composer Reinhardt Wagner joined the other artists to compose, as Jean-Michel Ribes says, “a scenic ode where their talents mingle to gracefully express their love of painting and their desire for roads.”

In total, 1,500 people attended the event. Hervé Le Bouc concludes "With the joyful audacity that characterizes Jean-Michel Ribes, The Route of Dreams opens new horizons, paving the way to dialogue between different forms of art".