Our values

Through their professionalism and deep-rooted commitment, the people at Colas have paved the way to the Group’s success day in and day out. 

"At Colas, across our entire global network, we have a unique way of doing things. We open the way by caring, by sharing, by daring. These values have forged Colas’ identity and take on their full meaning on our job sites and at our facilities every day." Philippe Tournier, Human Resources Manager Colas Group

  • Caring

At Colas, Caring is a fundamental value of our corporate culture. Whether it is self-care, care for employees, care for our customers and partners or care for the environment and society, we are driven by the same duty to care. This is why acting ethically and preserving the safety of those who accompany us will always remain our priority.

CARING means first and foremost setting an example, listening to others, creating the conditions to allow each employee to express themselves transparently and to progress.

CARING means translating our commitments into strong actions in terms of corporate social, societal and environmental responsibility (CSR).

CARING means doing everything we can to best meet the needs of our customers.

  • Sharing:

At Colas, we are convinced that the pooling of talents and resources in all their diversity, teamwork and cross-disciplinary bridges are a source of progress and new ideas.

SHARING is creating the optimal conditions for working as a team by promoting trust, responsibility and solidarity.

SHARING means embracing the Group’s projects and bringing employees on board so that everyone feels involved.

SHARING is encouraging the transmission of know-how between generations and putting one’s expertise at the serviceof the Group and its customers, partners, etc.

  • Daring

Colas is the fruit of an innovation, a pioneering mindset that founded our corporate culture. We are driven to move forward, to explore new horizons, to reinvent ourselves. This is why, at Colas, it will always be possible to undertake and launch ideas and initiatives that create value.

DARING is encouraging initiative.

DARING is about giving everyone an opportunity.

DARING is pushing back the boundaries of what is possible.