The observance of ethics and integrity have been an intangible management principle throughout the Group for many years. Fair and open competition offers Colas better conditions in which to highlight our organization, technology and expertise and develop long-term partnerships with our customers. The observance of ethics also plays a key role in aligning the Group’s values with those of our employees.

Within the Group

Within the context of the Code of Ethics of Bouygues group (Colas’ parent company), Colas regularly affirms the essential values to which employees must adhere in their working life. The Chief Executive systematically reminds the Group’s senior executives of the need to observe the principles of ethics and integrity. Under the Group’s decentralized organizational approach, directors of subsidiaries are responsible for communicating these principles, reminding staff of the requirements that flow from them and ensuring that they are properly applied. Business heads and staff are receiving training, at the end of which all subsidiaries will have been trained. Where ethical principles are not observed, there is a whistle-blowing procedure for staff to escalate information to an Ethics Manager, who will then take the necessary action. 

In partnership

In France: put in place in conjunction with independent audit organizations Socotec and Veritas, the partnership between Colas and the Association Qualité Pesage (AQP) is aimed at establishing and promoting a reliable weighing system for French asphalt plants. Ninety-nine per cent of the Group’s fixed asphalt plants in France belong to the AQP, and Colas lobbies for public sector buyers to require all asphalt plants that supply them to operate this type of scheme. 

Colas has made a commitment to observe the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO's fundamental principles (as per article 2 of the Code of Ethics of Colas' parent company, the Bouygues group ).