Carlos Narino

"Après une quarantaine de notes", Carlos Narino (2005)

Born in Bogota, Colombia, in 1956, Carlos Narino, a Beaux-Arts graduate, has lived and worked in France since 1985, the year in which he undertook the restoration of numerous paintings in museums and churches for the City of Paris. Winner of the Monte Carlo SBM prize for 2003, he has taken part in many exhibitions and contemporary art events in France. In 2006 he is preparing a major exhibition of his work to be held in Bogota in conjunction with the city’s Museum of Modern Art.

In the work that you have painted for the Colas Foundation, the road is not the focal point of the landscape.

I’m always seeking to express atmosphere and olor rather than a precise shape. The road, although abstract, is absolutely vital – it is there as a link between heaven and earth. A simple patch of grey in the shadow, it gets gradually lighter and guides our view towards the light that is piercing through the center of the clouds. I feel good on this road. I’m in my favorite place, that of the passenger who looks at the sky, the landscape and the clouds.They are very big clouds but they’re not threatening; they bring light rain that will no doubt be beneficial to the earth and behind them the sun will shine again.

The sky takes up a great deal of your paintings.

In my paintings there is always more sky than earth. There is a lot of landscape, but there is always sky. It is a limitless space in which the artist, with no scale of comparison possible, is free to express whatever he or she wants. We all like to look upwards, to rise up and lose ourselves in the sky and the clouds to dream.

What has being selected by the Colas Foundation meant to you ?

In personal terms it is a reward that is a prestigious honor. In terms of my work it is a form of public recognition that I value highly. In my own way I bring an extra light into the offices of the company, like a ray of sun that comes down from the sky. I like the idea that my work is traveling around different sites and that it will be seen from different angles.

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