Initiatives in the field

Supporting the school in Gosso

While it moved forward with the Djougou - N'Dali road building project, at the center of the country, Colas Benin volunteered to rebuild the village school in the village of Gosso, located on the route of the road. The village and the pupils' parents had built the old buildings and paid the salary of the schoolteachers with their meager resources. Today, the pupils and their teacher have a new building and equipment that allows them to study under optimal conditions.

A visit by Colas Benin is planned once a year, before the start of the school year, to check the state of the building and carry out any necessary maintenance work (on the roof and paintwork). Aside from that, a long-term commitment has begun:

  • an annual teaching day on the foowing themes:

- day-too-day hygiene

-hand-washing techniques

- information on AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases

  • at the beginning of the school year, teachers are provided with chalk and other school supplies (rulers, protractors, compasses, etc.).

For the village, its motivated teachers and Colas Benin, the best reward is the childrens' success!

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