Initiatives in the field

Sand martins flock to Sombacour

In 2005, sand martins could be seen nesting in a stock of 0/4 grade sand that had been standing for a year at the Sombacour quarry. Ornithologists were able to observe that during the breeding season, from April to September, the sand martins dug nests in the compacted top part of the sand. To allow them to breed in peace, the experts requested that an agreement be signed that will protect the nesting site by encouraging breeding pairs of sand martins to establish themselves and ensuring the colonies are protected and not disturbed. As a result, sand is no longer removed from this part of the stock between April 15 and September 15, loader drivers even taking the initiative of preventing access to the nesting stockpile with big blocks.

In 2007, 80 nests were counted on the site, making this the largest colony of sand martins in the Haut Doubs district.

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