Initiatives in the field

A round of applause for the landfill

About twelve years ago in Ronan, near Evian, France, the owner of a three-hectare field in the form of a basin with steep sides, which would quickly create a pond in periods of heavy rainfall, found that this limited available pasture and posed a danger to livestock.  He came up with a solution, with the aid of Perrier TP and the approval of the local authorities: the site was to be leveled off site by creating a landfill for non-hazardous materials.

Between 2002 and 2009, with a suspension from 2006 to 2008 due to a change in regulations, the site received a total of 260,000 tonnes of earthwork and demolition debris.

In 2010, the site was returned to pasture for livestock.

At the ceremony marking the restitution of the property to its owner, elected officials applauded the project, which has fulfilled the expectations of all parties concerned, as an example of successful cooperation between the owner, the company and the local authorities to protect the environment.

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