Initiatives in the field

Prosign wins the Potier Prize

In 2006, the French Minister for Industry presented the Pierre Potier Prize to Prosign for its hot roadmarking product Ostréa®, an eco-design success story.The product, developed with support from the Ademe (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency), has three benefits:

1. Cost effectiveness: improved performance and ease of use (it lasts longer and dries 10 times faster than traditional hot road paint marking) and costs the same.

2. Environmental renewable raw materials and greenhouse gas savings.

  • Recycled oyster shells replace the limestone mineral component
  • Plant oils and resins replace petrochemical products (Vegemark, a new Colas road paint binder)
  • Direct energy savings with a new type of kettle
  • Overall 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

3. Social: making a contribution to solving the problem of oyster waste from the producing industry in Brittany.

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