Initiatives in the field

Professional integration project in partnership with the Ministry of Defense

With the launch of centers set up by Etablissement Public d'Insertion de la Défense (EPIDe), a French government agency jointly run by the French Ministries of Defense and Employment, Colas Nord-Picardie invested in a pioneering partnership with a pilot center in the town of Doullens.

The idea is to help young people (18 and 21 years old), many of them school dropouts from disadvantaged backgrounds, prepare for professional integration. With no job or qualifications, these young people, who are recruited on a voluntary basis, are among the 60,000 identified each year as being in a particularly vulnerable situation. On the basis of renewable six-month contracts, the young volunteers are taken on as boarders and are able to break out of the spiral of failure by re-learning the rules for living in society and acquiring a basic education before being given professional training offered internships in companies.

After a two-week assessment period in a work environment, carried out in Colas Nord-Picardie branches, the young people are given a one-month initiation in road techniques at Doullens by instructors from the CPO training center in Courcelles-les-Lens.

33 of these young volunteers have already been awarded open-ended training contracts and are working as members of Colas Nord-Picardie teams. They now have genuine career prospects and are pursuing their training in road building skills.

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