Initiatives in the field

Meeting the neighbors

A few years ago, Barrett realized that the general public's perception of its industrial businesses had changed: local residents now saw it as a source of risk and environmental nuisance rather than a local  asset. In 2007, the company took the decision to set up and develop a dialogue with its residents, by organizing open-days at each of its production sites. The first open-day was held at the Jamesville asphalt-mix plant: employees got their families and friends involved and explained to them the environmental and site security issues.


In 2008, the Litchfield quarry welcomed primary and secondary-school pupils and earth science teachers. Staff members organized a visit around the plant, carried out demonstrations, explained how aggregates were used, discussed energy saving, recycling, etc.  

In 2009, Barrett achieved its objective of hosting open-days throughout all New York State production sites.

Constructive relationships were developed with local residents who learnt to get to know the value of what Barrett does; and its employees are happy to share the pride they have in their work. A triple whammy for the region, staff and the business as a whole!

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