Initiatives in the field

A low greenhouse gas (GHG) pipeline

The Vanne water pipeline, which crosses the Fontainebleau forest to supply Parisians with drinking water, was getting a bit old and a 475-meter section made of Coignet concrete needed to be replaced with a cast-iron pipe. Working in partnership with NFEE, Suburbaine Aulnay (Spac) responded to the call for tenders with an offer that reduced the project's impact on the environment. This solution involved:

  • Transporting the cast-iron pipe sections by train from Pont-à-Mousson to the Nemours train station, and then by truck to the worksite, which reduced the transport requirement by the equivalent of 60 x 480-km truck trips,
  • On-site crushing of the old pipeline for reuse as the bed layer.

Since the company had no say in the type of pipe used on this worksite, the calculation of the GHG balance does not take the manufacturing of the cast-iron pipe into account to generate the gain related to the eco-variant: this solution reduced energy consumption by over 50%, or the energy equivalent of 46 diesel-engine cars each traveling 15,000 km.

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