Initiatives in the field

Life goes on

Life goes on... a great lesson in life and strength of character from a heavy vehicle driver of 21 years who recently returned to work following an accident when he was at home in October 2008.

After having his right forearm amputated and losing one finger from his left hand and part of the use of two other fingers, he was able to return to work thanks to both his tenacity and GAMA's determination to successfully adapt his working equipment:

  • Two hands are needed to safely use the vehicle's steps and open the door.
    Solution: installation of a loader access bridge.
  • To drive the vehicle, the control panel consisted of three levers, requiring full use of both hands. Solution: the levers were replaced by a kind of joystick.

Various lessons can be learned from this experience:

  • The approach adopted helped the employee accept his disability, boosted his morale and speeded up rehabilitation.
  • The company kept hold of a highly motivated employee committed to the business (he has since been elected to the Works' Committee).
  • The experience boosted motivation among the employee's colleagues by confirming the company's values in relation to people.
  • The situation gave rise to an incredible collective mobilization of GAMA's management.
  • The company's image was boosted, both within the Group and outside: a message of fighting spirit and hope was communicated.

"We're lucky to belong to a company that works so hard on workplace safety! It's great - though there are still too many accidents."

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