Initiatives in the field

IRF Road achievement award for environmental mitigation

Colas Madagascar was the recipient of the International Road Federation's 2009 Road Achievement Award in the Environmental Mitigation category for the RN 6 Highway project. The International Road Federation (IRF) is a global platform that brings together public and private entities committed to road development.

This project, which necessitated the mobilization of significant human and equipment resources, also implemented a rigorous organizational approach to prevent and limit potentially negative environmental and social impact of the work involved.

  • Combating deforestation:
    • use of butane bottles as an alternative to wood charcoa
    • planting of nearly 16,000 trees of different types
  • Safeguarding natural resources (Madagascar is renowned for its rich biodiversity and its unique flora and fauna, with a high degree of endemism):
    • establishment of procedures for eliminating or reclaiming waste
    • limitation of clearing, grading and landscapin
    • use of containment bins and hydrocarbon separators
  • Health care:
    • one medical center per provisional camp, staffed by a physician and a nurs
    • raising awareness among staff and the local population about STDs and malaria
  • Provisional camps: upon the completion of work on the project, three villages handed over to the local population (800 homes for 2,000 inhabitants)
  • Safety: personal protective equipment for each member of staff, consistent with the specific requirements of each task

Owing to the stringent safety and environmental standards observed, this project serves as a benchmark for Colas Madagascar and as an example for all other projects pursued in the country.

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