Initiatives in the field

Getting back to work

Employees may have had a workplace accident or work-related illness. They may have been the victim of a domestic accident or other illness. Whatever the case, Colas Centre-Ouest has been able to find them work in a different position, ensuring that they do not lose their employment.
Sometimes after a long period of training, each of them has been able to do their new job.

  • At the age of 49, and after 21 years in the company, a quarry supervisor developed a serious lung condition. After 10 weeks of retraining he was transferred to a construction as a truck driver.
  • After 17 years, an equipment operator at Le Clerc developed a back problem and the company medical officer told him he could not carry on. The company provided him with 5 months of intensive retraining to become a site foreman. It was 25 years since he left school, and he had to learn everything from scratch (lab results, soil analysis and interpreting blueprints!). “When I was a driver I didn’t need to make decisions, but now I do, and I like it that way!” .
  • A 58-year-old construction foreman with 34 years in the company had a serious back problem. Colas Centre-Ouest had the cab of his vehicle fitted with steps that rotate automatically when the driver’s door is opened and shut, along with reinforced treads and a handgrip.
  • In August 2005, a drilling technician who had worked for Hélary since 1997 had an accident that injured his legs, hands and abdomen. He actually lost the use of his left leg. He was put on part-time work for a 9-month period, and his working conditions were reorganized. He now works on blasting and does some office work. “It’s thanks to Hélary that I still have a job and my self-respect.”.
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