Initiatives in the field

Excellent and still improving in Phitsanulok

The town of Phitsanulok, located in the center of Thailand, is home to a large emulsion plant that has been operating for nearly 20 years. The site was already in deplorable condition 12 years ago: the storm basin had been used as a dump, and black sludge was oozing out into the surrounding rice paddies. When management team at the plant was renewed, their first decision was to make the site into a showcase for TIPCO. Year after year, the situation on site simply keeps getting better:

  • Cleanliness has become the norm
  • The retention issues have been solved, effluents are now treated
  • The storm basin has become part of a recreational picnic area for employees
  • Fruit trees have been planted
  • Waste is recycled
  • Fire prevention has been reinforced and safety is now a key concern
  • Open house events have been organized for school children
  • Emissions from trucks and the site are controlled on a regular basis
  • The truck fleet is being progressively switched over to LPG

In 2003, the site received ISO 14001 certification. Since 2000, it has received the Thai government’s National Award for Safety and Environmental Certificate that only 150 other sites obtain each year, all business sectors combined. An amazing turnaround, made possible by the strong willed decisions of two men and the support of their teams!

At TIPCO, the managers of 6 emulsion plants hold monthly meetings to exchange good practice.

In 2010, Phitsanulok was once again rewarded for its performance record by the Governor of the Province. On a national level, it is now part of a very selective club of companies from all ranges of business to have received the award 10 years in a row with a new medal in 2011!

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