Initiatives in the field

ECOMAC ReV, a sustainable asphalt mix

On September 24, 2009, a project submitted by Screg Ouest was selected by the French Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea as one of five winning proposals contributing to innovation in road infrastructure. Ecomac REV, a product involving both plant-based and recycled materials, will be put to use under real-life conditions at work sites and monitored by the Ministry’s scientific and technical team.

Ecomac REV is created by warming a cold mix treated with a plant-based fluxing agent to a temperature no higher than 100°C (no dust, hardly any VOCs), without incurring the energy cost of hot mixes (160°C). This novel technique developed by Screg Ouest allows for the use of simpler production equipment while including high proportions of RAP (up to 100%) and offers considerable energy savings. Compared to hot mixes, the potential for greenhouse gas reduction is impressive:

Energy + fluxing agent + equipment + recycling = 70% less GHG

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