Initiatives in the field

DuPont Safety Awards 2008

Each year, some 200 senior executives from a broad spectrum of industrial companies and over 25 countries meet in Geneva, Switzerland to attend the Leaders Forum on Safety and Performance. This event is organized by DuPont de Nemours to raise awareness of the need for proactive action to make life safer for everyone worldwide. The high point of this forum is the presentation of the prestigious DuPont Safety Awards for individual and group initiatives to improve safety in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). As Ian Hudson, president of DuPont EMEA explains: “There are five award categories and we are delighted that Colas Sud-Ouest won the Sustainable Business Impact prize”.

Colas Sud-Ouest created a task force to analyze dangerous situations that has been very successful in raising employee awareness and promoting a strong safety culture. The company also set up an Incidents & Accidents team composed of site managers, other managers and other employees who have witnessed an incident or accident. Their preventive and corrective actions have reduced the number of accidents from 57 in 1997 to 2 in 2007, even though the number of employees has almost doubled, from 1,174 to 2,000.

Since its foundation in 1802, DuPont de Nemours has been a pioneer in safety management. Currently an undisputed leader in industrial safety, its methods have been adopted all over the world.

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