Initiatives in the field

Dialogue and upgrading

A pressure group of conservationists in the Gouët Valley and members of the local town council had been trying to persuade the operator of a demolition landfill at Le Grognet to make certain improvements to the site for some years. Immediately after the facility was acquired by Screg Ouest early in 2007, discussions got under way and actions were soon taken. Since late December 2007, a washing system has been in operation at the site exit, enabling the muddy tires and undersides of trucks to be cleaned off. The road snaking along the Gouët Valley is clean once again. “We are pleased that the road is now clean,” says a town hall spokesman.

This former quarry is currently used for storing inert demolition waste and asbestos-cement. The upgrading that was carried out included:

  • Resurfacing of the entrance area with hotmix
  • Installation of a tire-washing system
  • Installation of a drainage system to prevent run-off water flowing onto the road
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