Initiatives in the field

Corporate healthcare, health insurance and micro-credit

In 2004, Colas Gabon set up a Colas Employees Association, which has made it possible to set up a mutual fund for Colas personnel with three principal components:

  • employee savings scheme
  • interest-free micro-loans
  • reimbursement of medical expenses for all Colas Gabon employees and their declared dependents

Micro-loans may be used for any purpose by the borrower. Most Colas employees tend to request them for buying a home, for a wedding, for buying appliances, for urgent medical expenses and for funerals. Micro-credit operates on the basis of contributions from company employees.

All Colas Gabon employees are covered by the Association for health insurance. In addition, Port-Gentil and Gamba employees and their families are entitled to make use of private healthcare facilities. In addition, all the company’s personnel receive a medical examination assessing their fitness for work every April. The total number of people covered (employees and dependents) is equivalent to three times the workforce of Colas Gabon:

  • 1,701 people in Libreville, including 562 employees
  • 108 people in Gamba, including 51 employees
  • 93 people in Port-Gentil, including 35 employees

An improvement came in July 2007, when Colas Gabon set up a more pragmatic occupational medicine service with the opening of a doctor’s office at the company’s headquarters in Libreville, which is also available to dependents. By the end of 2007, 180 patients had received treatment there.

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