Initiatives in the field

To be happy, we need to be visible

Quarries and any environmental nuisance that they may represent often elicit the curiosity of local populations, a curiosity that isn't always easy to satisfy outside the scope of one-off events such as open days. The dilemma involves how to allow operations to be observed without creating a safety problem. Moreover, since the trend involves landscaping the areas around quarries to diminish the visual impact, they are removed even more from external view.


In the case of the Bainville-sur-Madon (54) quarry, which attracts a host of inquisitive onlookers, and elicits vigilance on the part of local residents, it has been decided to create a panoramic viewpoint accessible from the public highway without crossing the perimeter fence, complete with a parking area. This unfettered access to observing the operation of the quarry has made certain debates more dispassionate, while untimely, dangerous visits have stopped.

This panoramic viewpoint built with natural materials (stone walls and wooden fences) is maintained as part of operations and is equipped with dynamic on-site information signs (operating plan, key figures, changes, etc.).

This process illustrates a new, indispensible attitude of openness towards the general public to gain societal acceptance for the production sites.

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