Initiatives in the field

60,000 extra workers buzz into action in Nantes

On May 17, 2010, three beehives were installed on the roof-terrace of the Echangeur Nantes building, the regional headquarters of the Group's three road-building brands: Colas, Sacer, Screg. This initiative forms an integral part of the measures taken to promote sustainable development, which are based around several themes at the three subsidiaries:  

  • massive disappearances of bees in France, and elsewhere,
  • an urgent need to safeguard vegetal biodiversity and, more broadly, our environment as whole,
  • an indispensable move towards sustainable and reasonable agriculture,
  • reinforcing the relationship between man and nature and informing the public during leisure time or at work.  

Through this installation, the three road building subsidiaries are defending and supporting the survival of bees and beekeeping through an agreement with UNAPLA (Union des Apiculteurs de Loire-Atlantique).

As owners of numerous quarries in western France, the three subsidiaries are expanding this first initiative to all of their sites in the region. Privileged, untreated locations throughout Brittany and the Loire, which have become refuges for certain birds, will soon see the first arrival of bees. Two beehives were installed in July 2010 at the Pâtis (44) quarry and other beehives will be installed as of September at the Poulmarh (56) quarry, as well as the La Croix-Gibat (22) quarry.

A partnership is in progress with the Beekeepers Federation of Brittany and the Loire, and sessions designed to promote the discovery of bees will be held for interested employees and their families from this autumn onwards.

Echangeur Nantes thus marks its commitment to help bees, the key biodiversity worker, but also a witness to and victim of the deterioration of our environment.

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