Initiatives in the field

3 environmental initiatives on 1 project

The Screg IDF/N Montlhéry profit center completed a roads and main services project for EAST ATAC Simply Market in Leuville-sur-Orge involving a technical alternative as part of a supermarket construction project designed to comply with sustainable development and environmental quality criteria.  

Three environmentally-friendly Screg projects were used:

  •  1,000 ton of ECOFLEX ® low temperature, energy saving warm mix
  •  100 tons of COMPOGREEN ® mix with plant-based binder
  •  100 tons of SCINTIFLEX ® mix containing 24 tons of crushed recycled mirror.


Partial lifecycle analysis - EcologicieL:

Greenhouse gas emissions were cut some 36% compared to the initial design, which is the equivalent of taking 4,400 passenger cars off the road for one day.   

The project helped Screg IDF/N's Montlhéry profit center to highlight Screg's full line of environmentally-friendly products and processes.

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